Overlay Fabrics

Overlay Fabrics

An overlay is the perfect way to add dimension to your table by having either a complimentary color or different fabric than the tablecloth underneath.  Several fabrics and colors are available.  Contact us now with any questions.

Paisley Sequins

Champagne Paisley Sequins

Classic Organza


Floral Lace

Polka Dot Sheer

Sonata Sheer

Valentina Lace

Valentina Lace Silver

Bridely Sheer

Silver Bridely

Crushed Satin

Crushed Satin Mocha

Organza Swirl

White on Black Organza Swirl

Sheer Romance

Royal Sheer Romance

Satin Stripe

Satin Stripe Navy

Rose Lace

Rose Lace Embroidery


Pearl Organza

Rosette Taffeta

Classic Poly

Fantasia Sheer

Fantasia Swirl - Copper Gold

Classic Satin

Floral Sequin

Floral Sequin Plum



Beverly Tropical Print

Imperial Stripe

Imperial Stripe Black